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Selenium Cholesterol Scanning for Conn's Tumours


For functional lateralization of Conn's tumours. Now only available on a named patient basis.


Caution if diabetic.


  1. Admit. Start dexamethasone 2mg bd at Day -7, i.e. one week before the injection. Monitor blood glucoses qds. Continue dexamethasone to Day 3.
  2. On day 0 nuclear medicine will inject 8 MBq of 75Se Scintadren and image.
  3. Start 5mg bisacodyl for 2 days.
  4. Discharge home once dexamethasone completed.
  5. Nuclear medicine will arrange for further images on Day 7, 14 and 21.


The images will be reported by nuclear medicine, but a Conn's tumour should take up label with no uptake on the contralateral side