How is Hypopituitarism treated?

The first line of treatment for patients suffering from a 'pituitary crisis' is rehydration and the administration of hydrocortisone (400mg by continuous infusion over 24 hours).

In other less acute cases of hypopituitarism, the treatment is based on replacing demonstrated deficiencies. Cortisol and thyroxine are always replaced, but growth hormone is only usually replaced in children. There is now some increasing evidence that adult growth hormone should be replaced as it improves the general well-being of an adult. Androgens and oestrogens can also be replaced depending on the individual and their age.

The underlying cause of the hypopituitarism is obviously treated.

Patient education is also a vital part of the treatment for hypopituitarism as hormone replacement is a life-long therapy and special situations, such as infection, require higher levels of steroid replacement.