All outpatient consultations take place at 9 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QY.

Self Pay fee

First consultation: £300

Follow up consultations: £250

Fees are payable before consultation or treatment.

Surgery fee for neck exploration: estimated £12,500 (including hospital fee, surgery fee, anaesthetist’s fee, histopathologist’s fee, pre- and post operative consultations)

Please be advised that above surgery fee is an estimate only and this fee may change if the patient requires a longer hospital stay or there are further clinical reasons.

Insurance fee

We are recognised by all English insurance companies and we keep to the agreed rate. Please note however, that we are unable to bill overseas insurance companies directly, therefore patients insured overseas will be seen on a self pay basis.

We kindly ask you to call your insurance company directly to obtain a pre authorisation number and also to check your cover with your insurance company in case of any shortfall or limit on your policy.

Insurance phrases

EXCESS: The excess is defined as the monetary amount you wish to pay towards any treatment, it is important to look closely at the terms of any policy as some insurers require the excess to be paid per claim where others simply require the excess to be paid on the first claim in any policy year regardless of the number of claims made. Your insurance company will notify you when the excess is deducted from the amount paid directly towards the provider and you will be responsible to settle this amount.

CO-PAYMENT: A co-payment isn’t the same as an excess. Instead, it’s an arrangement by which the costs of certain treatments are split between you and your insurance company. Typically, your insurance company agrees with you in your insurance scheme what cost of certain treatments you will pay, you then make your share of payment directly to the provider of the treatment.

SCHEME: A scheme is another word for ‘policy’.

IN-PATIENT COVER: Inpatient cover pays for treatment, procedures and accommodation in a hospital once you are admitted to a hospital. Generally take home medications (TTO) are not included in your cover.

SHORTFALL: Sometimes there is a gap between the charge for hospital treatment and how much your insurer covers. That gap is known as a ‘shortfall’. As you will need to pay this difference, it is worth checking your insurance policy prior any treatment to make sure you are comfortable with the level of shortfall you would be expected to pay.

DAY-CASE COVER: Day-case treatment cover you when you have to be admitted into a hospital and occupy a bed during the day, but you don’t stay overnight.

OUT-PATIENT COVER: This is cover that pays for hospital/consultant visits when you go home on the same day as the treatment, procedure or consultation.

Embassy fee

We charge the rate that is agreed with the Embassy. 

We can confirm that we have no financial interest in any of the hospitals where we practice.