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Our endocrine surgery consulting rooms

Endocrine Surgery

Committed to safety and excellence in minimally invasive endocrine surgery

Mr John Lynn uses a multidisciplinary approach.He has the support of a team,comprising medical endocrinologists, specialist radiologists, anaesthetists and pathologists. The team members have been in the lead of the development of minimally invasive techniques in endocrine surgery, and pioneered the use of intraoperative parathyroid hormone assay for parathyroid surgery. No thyroid or parathyroid operation is performed without intra-operative nerve monitoring, resulting in voice change rates considerably below the reported UK rate (0.2% as compared to 2.2%).We perform all the procedures with a consultant pathologist in the operating theatre. This allows us to during the operation to test the tissue removed under the microscope (frozen section).Many units do not do this. Mr Lynn thinks it is essential in both parathyroid and thyroid surgery as it can help avoid an unecessary second operation.

The team performs around 200 major endocrine cases per year and has special expertise in cases where previous surgeons have failed.

Mr John Lynn is one of the most experienced endocrine surgeons in the UK. Mr John Lynn provides the full range of minimally invasive endocrine surgery for the thyroid and parathyroid while Mr Isla performs minimally invasive laparoscopic pancreatic and adrenal surgery

Mr Alberto Isla's expertise is really quite unique. He a pure laparoscopic surgeon and has developed the laparoscopic excision of pancreatic insulinomas with a 100% success rate. His experience in this sophisticated approach to the management of this difficult tumour is unrivalled in the World. Mr Isla introduced obesity surgery at Charing Cross Hospital London now part of Imperial College NHS trust.

By special arrangement, Mr John Lynn and his team travel abroad to provide appropriate surgical care. Such trips have been welcomed in the past by the local physicians and surgeons particularly when the case is complex and the medical condition of the patient makes travel difficult.When the team travels abroad it is only on the understanding that the team takes full responsibility for the treatment and that team arrives several days before surgery and conducts the first post-operative consultation before returning to the UK. Where appropriate, a written opinion can be provided without direct patient consultation. Details of the fees for these services are available upon request.